1. Identify strategic words in the question, like immediate, initial,first, priority, side effect or toxic effect, which help you to recognize the core of the question.

2. Try to use elimination technique of the options .

3. Always,all,everyone ,never ,none, must .Answers that include global words such as these should be viewed with caution because they imply that there are no exception.

4. Choose broadest,most comprehensive answers,that includes all the others,which is referred to as the umbrella effect.  

5. Focus on the patient .

6. Eliminate any answer that takes for granted that anyone is unworthy or ignorant.

7. When need to guess,look for the answer that may be different from the others.

8. Read the question carefully to see if a negative modifier is used.

9. Do not look for pattern in the correct answer.

10. Look for the choices that you know are either correct or may be incorrect.

11. Focus on feelings, reflect the patient's comments , communicate acceptance of the patient by the nurse rather that criticism or value judgement and talk about the present behaviour.

12. Eliminate the response that may be the best for a physician to make.

13. Look for similartities and groupings in response and the one-of -a -kind key idea in MCQs.

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